Prof. Paul Dolan

Professor of Behavioural Science (London School of Economics)

The Money, Job, Marriage Myth: Are You Happy Yet?

House, dog, ring, baby – is not only the name of a TV show, it is a common life-goal for many. Ideas about how to live the “perfect” life can make us miserable. Behavioural scientists argue whether letting go of such narratives and focussing on one’s own goals can actually be the key to happiness.

“In this talk, I will illustrate how the stories we are told about how to live, can make us miserable. I will discuss ways in which we can avoid these narrative traps and be a little happier.”

Prof. Paul Dolan

is currently Professor of Behavioural Science at the London School of Economics.

He is an expert on happiness, behaviour and public policy. He conducts original research into human behaviour and happiness, and the relationship between what we do and how we feel.

He is the author of best-selling books ‘Happiness by Design’ and ‘Happy Ever After’.


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