Magdalena Schönwetter

Business Development & Partnerships

Magdalena Schönwetter moved from Bavaria to Vienna, where she is currently doing her MBA in General Management. She joined The Brainstorms about half a year ago with a bag full of experience in International Sales within the construction industry and has been successfully stirring up our sales team not only with her long-term knowledge but also a big load of motivation.

What is your position at The Brainstorms?

I take care of Business Development and manage long-term partnerships.

How did you end up at The Brainstorms?

Chemistry and Psychiatry have always been some of my core interests, so the decision to work for a Neuroscience hub came naturally. The team is enthusiastic, innovation-driven and very supportive – so how could I have said no?

What experience with The Brainstorms are you especially fond of?

I enjoy the experience to be able to put own ideas into affect. The way the company is build, the work environment and the team – they interlink in such a way, that you can actually see your own project ideas become reality.

„Modern, positive and supporting. That is The Brainstorms for me.“


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