Dr. Matthias Wibral

Associate Professor (Maastricht University)

Algorithmic recommendations in the labor market

Who decides what makes the perfect applicant for a job? Your potential boss? Someone in human resources? Or maybe a computer? Algorithms are rapidly becoming important intermediaries in decision-making in many different domains of life ranging from consumer credit to medical diagnosis to romantic relationships. In the labour market, companies are increasingly using algorithms for an initial screening of candidates. To understand how algorithmic recommendations influence decisions a better understanding how humans perceive these recommendations is essential.

“In this talk, I will present an overview of recent research on the “human” side of algorithms. I will focus on how decision makers perceive recommendations made by algorithms and on whether they are likely to follow these recommendations.”

Dr. Matthias Wibral

is an Associate Professor at Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics.

He works in the fields of Behavioral Economics and Finance, Neuroeconomics, and Organizational Economics. His research focuses on understanding economic and psychological aspects of decision making and how they influence the functioning of institutions. This includes work on the design of compensation schemes or online reputations systems, determinants of organ donation attitudes and behaviour, as well as on how individuals deal with risky financial decisions.

A second line of research investigates the biological basis of cognitive biases and economic preferences. These research questions necessarily call for an interdisciplinary approach that exploits the complementary nature of different empirical methods such as laboratory experiments, survey data, functional magnetic resonance imaging, or pharmacological studies.


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