Dr. Lydia Robinson-Garcia

Social Media Manager

Lydia Robinson is from Granada (Spain) and currently living in Düsseldorf (Germany). She is a molecular biologist, specialised in DNA damage repair and joined us in February 2020 with no background in neuroscience whatsoever. Today she is The Brainstorms’ voice on social media.

What is your position at The Brainstorms?
I am a social media manager.

How did you end up at The Brainstorms?
When I finished my PhD, I wanted to escape research. Science communication is something I was always interested in, but I had never really done anything in that direction. With The Brainstorms I managed to learn all I needed to know to kick-start my career. Today I work in public relations at a company for science communication.

What did you gain from working with The Brainstorms?
I have learned a lot about science communication and start-ups here: starting from social media management, marketing, the structures of a start-up and how to keep a start-up alive. It also gave my CV an edge by adding actual work experience and diversified the – until now research-focused – resumé. And let’s not forget, during the pandemic it was nice having something to do.

Working with The Brainstorms, it is somewhat addictive. You want to see them succeed. Being part of that is exciting.


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