BSc. Sophia Hannes

Content Creator/Scientific Writer

Sophia Hannes is from Vienna (Austria) where she is currently doing her Masters in Genetics and Developmental biology as well as a bachelor in Journalism and Communication Sciences. She joined us summer 2020 with a big thirst to learn. Today she is an even bigger part of our Creative Team.

What is your position at The Brainstorms?
I am a Content Creator/Scientific Writer. Basically, I am pitching and implementing new content ideas, doing lots of literature research, picking out scientific facts and writing articles for our blog. Lately, I also revived the team’s Instagram account with two new content series.

How did you end up at The Brainstorms?
I have been following The Brainstorms on social media for a long time and visited a few of their talks as well. Without exaggerating, I can say that I’ve been somewhat of a fan – and I still am after having joined. I get to do exactly what I was hoping for with The Brainstorms: get hands-on experience AND learn something new every day.

What did you gain from working with The Brainstorms?
The Brainstorms team is this group of openminded, smart, beautiful individuals. They taught me public outreach, how to write appealing articles, how to design a website and lots more. But also – and that’s far more important – how to make your ideas heard, how to collaborate in a team and that you do not have to be afraid of your boss (add a wink here).

I think correct communication is always crucial for understanding, and understanding is crucial for innovation. What we do here at The Brainstorms is important.


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