BSc. Rafael Lerchester

Speakers’ Coordinator

Rafael Lerchster was born in the beautiful Carinthia (Austria) but moved to the city Vienna (Austria) for his studies. Rafael has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and will soon finish his masters. He has joined The Brainstorms more than a year ago. At The Brainstorms he is responsible for connections to academia and industry, organizing speaker’s outreach for the festival.

What is your position at The Brainstorms?

I am the Speakers’ Coordinator. The Brainstorms top event of the year is our festival (The Brainstorms Festival)) I am the main contact point with speakers and I am responsible for the communication with them leading up to the festival.

How did you end up at The Brainstorms?

I joined the Brainstorms after my neuroscience class at university. I was struck by how the brain works and why it causes us to do and think the things we do. As a psychologist, I have a rather rudimental understanding of all the mechanism in our brain. Motivated by that I started attending The Brainstorms monthly events on topics that fascinated me. There I decided to be a part of this team to continue to exchange ideas and spread the word about the fascination of neuroscience.

What did you gain from working with The Brainstorms?

The Brainstorms enabled me to dive deeper into the world of neuroscience, meet new people and help share this fascinating world with others. One of the things I learned from The Brainstorms, is how important it is to have a common goal to get something done (even the Corona pandemic couldn’t stop us). Additionally, there is another important thing I have learned during my time at The Brainstorms: Namely, how to get really busy people to respond, when you are running on a tight schedule. This will come in handy in my future work wherever I go.

I guess what defines us as a team is completely applicable to the mission we are pursuing: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


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