BSc. Donata von Bistram

Content Creator/Deputy Editor-In-Chief

Donata von Bistram is from Hamburg (Germany) but fell in love with Vienna (Austria) where she lives now. At the moment she is finishing her masters in cognitive biology while working in content creation for an AI company from Graz (Leftshift One). Donata is one of the early members of The Brainstorms. Today she is the main drive behind content creation and creative decisions.

What is your position at The Brainstorms?

I am a Content Creator and Deputy Editor-In-Chief. I started with writing articles about topics I was passionate about (I have a thing for philosophy-science-crossover-topics, huge fan of interdisciplinarity). I also help with social media postings, new educational projects, editing, and proof-reading articles.

How did you end up at The Brainstorms?

One day I strolled across Sabria’s (one of the founders’) post about the Brainstorms Festival in my master’s Facebook group. I remember thinking: Science communication with focus on neuroscience? F*** YES! So, I called them up.

What did you gain from working with The Brainstorms?

I had so many topics I wanted to write about. Szabi took me under his wing and became my editor (I still call him that, makes me sound way more important than I am). I loved how open and supportive they (Aniko, Sabria, Szabi) were and how they – even though each of them near to a burnout – supported and helped me, even beyond Brainstorms. It might sound really cheesy, but in retrospective, my development and progress in the past year I feel I owe to Brainstorms!

[At Brainstorms] …we are not in for money but for the mission. Maybe what drives us is the freedom to explore our own ideas at once.

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