Ava Mason

University College London - Educational YouTuber

How do stressful life events affect the brain and how we think?

The way stressful life events affect people is a complex process specific to each individual. How we neurologically process stressful memories, regulate emotions and cognitively appraise the experience all play a part in this delicate process, resulting in coping strategies individual to each person.

“I  will give an interactive session, that will allow you to reflect on how different factors impact the coping strategies you use, especially during a global pandemic.”

Ava Mason

is a PhD student within University College London’s (UCL’s) Division of Psychiatry and an educational YouTuber.

Her research within UCL involves investigating aberrant memory processing as a candidate neuro-cognitive mechanism underlying developmental trauma in those with psychotic experiences.

Within Kings College London’s NIHR biomedical research centre, she contributes to the development of national language processing (NLP) applications, that facilitate the extraction of anonymised information from clinical health record data.

As well as her contributions to research, Ava is an advocate of patient and public involvement. She works as a freelance educational YouTuber, producing weekly research-based videos tackling various mental health topics from a neuropsychological perspective.

She also provides content as the lead researcher for Helpo; a digital intervention for mental wellbeing. This startup provides self care through social challenges and therapeutic programs coupled with digital behaviour change.


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