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labelArticle today2019.08.01.

Neurolinguistics: What does the fox say?

As children we are taught the sounds of animals – the chatter of a monkey, the squeak of a mouse, the bark of a dog, and many others. Often, we try to communicate with our nonverbal companions – be it a friendly cat or an annoying mosquito. At times these ...

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labelInfographic today2019.07.23.

The Bilingual Brain

Bilinguals who acquire both languages by the age of six use both hemispheres in both languages As you reading this post in English, there’s a very good chance that you belong to that half of the population who are considered multilingual. Have you ever wondered how speaking more than one ...

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labelArticle today2019.06.03.

The Neuroscience of Lucid Dreaming

Need to give a speech? Too bad you left your pants at home. Taking a trans-continental flight? You’ll be rushing to pack in the morning and hopelessly lost trying to find your gate. Sometimes it feels like dreams are our brain simulating Murphy’s Law. There are many theories about why ...

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