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labelArticle today2021.01.27.

How To: Love Yourself with Neuroscience

LOVE – We are constantly obsessed with being loved. It is even considered one of the top three behavioural motivators of mankind. Only Problem is: Visiting your “Loved-Ones” right now proves difficult – seeing as we are all still stuck at home (Thanks, COVID-19!). But why focus on others? There ...

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labelArticle today2020.11.02.

How to hack your mental health with exercise

Our modern-day society is split between two types of people: The regular gym visitors and the ordinary mortals, who cancel their gym membership two months into the new year. We all know exercise is healthy for our body (there, I said it!) but we often disregard its effect on mental health, our ability to manage stress and cope ...

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labelArticle today2019.11.24.

Tripping for Treatment

Medical use/ abuse Jimmy Hendrix’ trademark, apart from being a gifted musician, was a bandana around his head – rumour has it, it was to hold acid (LSD) tabs to his forehead, causing the drug to slowly absorb into his skin and travel further into his blood stream – while ...

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labelArticle today2019.09.03.

How a urinal changed art for us

Table of contents: Art isn’t always beautiful nor is aesthetics: a contradiction? Aesthetics, Art and Beauty – a separation What Neuroaesthetics can do Criticism A hot topic – not just for scientists Art isn’t always beautiful nor is aesthetics: a contradiction? The year is 1917: The society of independent artists ...

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labelArticle today2019.08.01.

Neurolinguistics: What does the fox say?

As children we are taught the sounds of animals – the chatter of a monkey, the squeak of a mouse, the bark of a dog, and many others. Often, we try to communicate with our nonverbal companions – be it a friendly cat or an annoying mosquito. At times these ...

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