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The Brainstorms teamed up with artists to present their projects at The Brainstorms Festival. Check out a short introduction about the first three! You will be able to visit all the mindblowing pieces on spot! See you there!

Philipp Lammer- “EigenSkulptur”

The work “EigenSkulptur” investigates the aesthetic mechanisms of a cybernetic sculpture, which reconfigures itself and thereby changes not only its appearance but also the process of further reconfigurations.

Inspired by biological systems, identical tesselated parts inform the operating principle of the whole through their composition. With the help of an electromagnetic mechanism, each of these elements has the ability to rotate on two axes and thereby assume four different states. The sculpture is generated with modern DIY techniques.


Andreas Fraunberger- “Escape Velocity”

Escape Velocity is a VR experience that puts the audience into the minds of four refugees that were forced to leave their respective home countries. The audience gets to experience their very personal stories from the viewpoint of the main protagonist – filmed in stereoscopic 360 ° video and presented in VR.

Virtual Reality has often been called an empathy machine – and rightly so. We strongly believe VR is the perfect medium for what we are trying to achieve. VR headsets literally wrap the story all around you and let you see the world through someone else’s eyes – until you get fully absorbed and you forget they are someone else’s. You become them. And this moment is the perfect opportunity for storytellers to create maximum impact.


Aleksandra Pawloff- “I came as a stranger”

Aleksandra was born in Vienna from a mother and a father who both had to flee their respective home countries. She grew up in France and in Austria and was an assistant to the photographer Elfie Semotan before becoming a freelance photographer herself. Her focus of interest lies in the person and their story, not in their appearance. She loves her work and finds people fascinating.

“I came as a stranger” is about people coming and people leaving, in this case scientist enriching Vienna.

Do you want to learn more about the pieces? Are you curious about how technology and art influences each other? Buy your ticket now to The Brainstorms Festival!

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