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supervisor_accountMichael Wurzinger Filmproduktion

SCIENCO – Science StudioTalk

SCIENCO is an outreach project for scientists who have a story to tell. With SCIENCO, students, researchers, and clinical professionals are given the opportunity to address the topics they work on with broadcast TV quality within the framework of interviews. SCIENCO is not only a video business card but aimed ...

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supervisor_accountAmina Handke, Louise Deininger

Brain plasticity

A jury selected Amina Handke to create an artistic video portrait of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna highlighting its history and present. The Academy Album comprises fifty-two short episodes produced throughout the jubilee year 2017 to be presented on the landing page of the Academy’s website on a weekly ...

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supervisor_accountSarah Hauber, Louise Deininger

Of Clinophilia: a story of depression

In an attempt to bridge the Gap between Conceptual Art and Neurocience, artists Louise Deininger and Sarah Hauber partnered with Neuroscientist Sabria Lagoun to focus on a symptom of depression called Clinophilia, the desire to lay in bed, leading to social isolation despite the need to go out into the ...

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