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labelArticle today2021.01.27.

How To: Love Yourself with Neuroscience

LOVE – We are constantly obsessed with being loved. It is even considered one of the top three behavioural motivators of mankind. Only Problem is: Visiting your “Loved-Ones” right now proves difficult – seeing as we are all still stuck at home (Thanks, COVID-19!). But why focus on others? There ...

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labelArticle today2020.11.02.

How to hack your mental health with exercise

Our modern-day society is split between two types of people: The regular gym visitors and the ordinary mortals, who cancel their gym membership two months into the new year. We all know exercise is healthy for our body (there, I said it!) but we often disregard its effect on mental health, our ability to manage stress and cope ...

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labelArticle today2020.06.03.

Free will: to have, or not to have, that is the question

Quarter of a century. Makes a girl think…. Being born in a traditional, well-educated family came with certain social expectations, although I’ve always felt free to do whatever I wanted. Then, suddenly, in autumn last year I had a quarter-life crisis. I was worried that I’m running out of time to find the job I liked before I have to ...

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labelArticle today2019.11.24.

Tripping for Treatment

Medical use/ abuse Jimmy Hendrix’ trademark, apart from being a gifted musician, was a bandana around his head – rumour has it, it was to hold acid (LSD) tabs to his forehead, causing the drug to slowly absorb into his skin and travel further into his blood stream – while ...

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labelArticle today2019.09.15.

Science-art is coming to Vienna I.

The Brainstorms teamed up with artists to present their projects at The Brainstorms Festival. Check out a short introduction about the first three! You will be able to visit all the mindblowing pieces on spot! See you there! Philipp Lammer- “EigenSkulptur” The work “EigenSkulptur” investigates the aesthetic mechanisms of a ...

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labelArticle today2019.09.03.

How a urinal changed art for us

Table of contents: Art isn’t always beautiful nor is aesthetics: a contradiction? Aesthetics, Art and Beauty – a separation What Neuroaesthetics can do Criticism A hot topic – not just for scientists Art isn’t always beautiful nor is aesthetics: a contradiction? The year is 1917: The society of independent artists ...

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labelArticle today2019.08.01.

Neurolinguistics: What does the fox say?

As children we are taught the sounds of animals – the chatter of a monkey, the squeak of a mouse, the bark of a dog, and many others. Often, we try to communicate with our nonverbal companions – be it a friendly cat or an annoying mosquito. At times these ...

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labelArticle today2019.06.03.

The Neuroscience of Lucid Dreaming

Need to give a speech? Too bad you left your pants at home. Taking a trans-continental flight? You’ll be rushing to pack in the morning and hopelessly lost trying to find your gate. Sometimes it feels like dreams are our brain simulating Murphy’s Law. There are many theories about why ...

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