The Bilingual Brain

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Bilinguals who acquire both langauges by the age of six use both hemispheres in both languages.
As you reading this post in English, there’s a very good chance that you belong to that half of the population who are considered multilinguals. Have you ever wondered how speaking more than one language changed your brain? We collected a few interesting facts in this infographic for your consumption.

As we can’t organise our monthly events in the usual format we made it digital for you. It will be similar to the physical events: you can listen to various talks from speakers around the world, participate in the discussion, and get the latest neuroscience news – all from the comfort of your own couch! Click the button below and check it out!


The topic of our first Digital-meetup will be: “Bilingual Brain”. Dr Maki Kubota will explain us how growing up as a bilingual child affects the brain’s executive functions later in life.


Stay tuned for more interesting content – more infographics and articles are coming about artificial intelligence and free-will!

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