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label#SciComm today2021.03.03.

Call: Knowledge is not only for the priviledged

Knowledge is not only for the priviledged     The Brainstorms Scientific is a team of 21 people, from countries spanning across the globe with different ethnic and religious backgrounds and we acknowledge that some of us have more privileges than others. Above all, we value equal opportunities, diversity and ...

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How To: Love Yourself with Neuroscience

LOVE – We are constantly obsessed with being loved. It is even considered one of the top three behavioural motivators of mankind. Only Problem is: Visiting your “Loved-Ones” right now proves difficult – seeing as we are all still stuck at home (Thanks, COVID-19!). But why focus on others? There ...

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labelArticle today2020.11.02.

How to hack your mental health with exercise

Our modern-day society is split between two types of people: The regular gym visitors and the ordinary mortals, who cancel their gym membership two months into the new year. We all know exercise is healthy for our body (there, I said it!) but we often disregard its effect on mental health, our ability to manage stress and cope ...

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