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supervisor_accountMichael Wurzinger Filmproduktion

SCIENCO – Science StudioTalk

SCIENCO is an outreach project for scientists who have a story to tell. With SCIENCO, students, researchers, and clinical professionals are given the opportunity to address the topics they work on with broadcast TV quality within the framework of interviews. SCIENCO is not only a video business card but aimed ...

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supervisor_accountAmina Handke, Louise Deininger

Brain plasticity

A jury selected Amina Handke to create an artistic video portrait of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna highlighting its history and present. The Academy Album comprises fifty-two short episodes produced throughout the jubilee year 2017 to be presented on the landing page of the Academy’s website on a weekly ...

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supervisor_accountSarah Hauber, Louise Deininger

Of Clinophilia: a story of depression

In an attempt to bridge the Gap between Conceptual Art and Neurocience, artists Louise Deininger and Sarah Hauber partnered with Neuroscientist Sabria Lagoun to focus on a symptom of depression called Clinophilia, the desire to lay in bed, leading to social isolation despite the need to go out into the ...

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labelInfographic today2020.07.31.


Operating a computer only with your mind sounds like utopian science-fiction straight out of Elon Musks wildest dreams? Well, brain-computer-interfaces already exist and here’s the science and technology behind it: Click on our new infographic to learn about where BCIs can be applied and how they work!     References: Fetz, Eberhard E. (1969). Operant Conditioning ...

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labelInfographic today2020.07.10.

The History of Psychiatry

The field of psychiatry has evolved rapidly over the last centuries. From explanations like karma and demons to treatment like straitjackets and psychosurgery – no stone was left unturned. Only within the last 70 years psychopharmacology and brain scanning have revolutionized the field again, created some answers but opened up many more ...

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labelArticle today2020.06.03.

Free will: to have, or not to have, that is the question

Quarter of a century. Makes a girl think…. Being born in a traditional, well-educated family came with certain social expectations, although I’ve always felt free to do whatever I wanted. Then, suddenly, in autumn last year I had a quarter-life crisis. I was worried that I’m running out of time to find the job I liked before I have to ...

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labelInfographic today2020.05.05.

Tech and Mental Health II: Treatment

The number of people suffering from mental disorders is increasing globally, while still being  stigmatised and facing a lack of treatment. In this second part of our mini-series on tech & mental health we want to show you how  technology is being used  to  improve the treatment of mental illnesses. We ...

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labelInfographic today2020.04.21.

Tech and Mental Health I: Diagnosis

We’re kicking off our mini-series on tech & mental health!In this Infographic we are exploring how Artificial Intelligence can be a useful tool in expanding our knowledge of mental illnesses. Machine Learning has been trending across disciplines in recent years and through its ability to detect patterns in data, AI can also lend a helping hand in diagnosing mental illness. Zoom ...

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labelInfographic today2020.03.31.


Socially isolated? Anxious? Lonely? Activities like reading, running or even just enjoying a cup of tea can help ease our thoughts and understand our feelings. In the last 20 years, meditation and mindfulness have acquired much attention in the field of neuroscience, but how does meditation affect our brain? Just ...

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