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We are entering a new era of innovation in which Neuroscience and AI are going to reshape traditional industries like healthcare, business, and communication. It is an exciting future, but also poses new ethical and workflow challenges. Such technologies require a large number of different expertise and an interdisciplinary view of the field: scientists, uncovering the human physiology and behaviour; techmakers, developing new algorithms and applications; businesses, responding to consumer demands; and investors, empowering innovative projects. These stakeholders speak very different “languages” and the information is often “lost in translation”. Our aim is to facilitate their dialogue by bringing the key players together and helping them to understand each other better through knowledge-transfer to bridge the gap between business, academia and industry.


    Anikó V. Fejes


    "Medical biotechnologist, PhD graduate of the Medical University of Vienna. Aniko has a passion for digital healthcare solutions, she is currently working at Novartis."

    Szabolcs Biró


    "After studying Bioengineering in Hungary, Szabi completed a MSc in Phamacology in Oxford, followed by a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience. He is now a medical writer at Baxter."

    Sabria Lagoun


    "After her Bachelors and Masters in cognitive Neuroscience, Sabria moved to Vienna to complete a PhD, also in cognitive Neuroscience. She performs public speaking and art projects as science outreach."


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