Neuroscience and A.I. are reshaping traditional industries like healthcare, business, and communication. We help stakeholders to succeed in these fast-paced industries through knowledge transfer.

Brainstorms Festival

The Brainstorms Festival is the No1 online neuroscience and AI event for science enthusiasts like you! Where ever you are in the world, you can join us and listen to talks from leading scientists, take part in discussions, and network with the people driving neurotech and AI innovation. It’s a digital playground for visionaries with dozens of medical innovations, panel discussions, workshops and hackathons. Register now and be part of our amazing crowd!

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Innovation Track

We accompany your neuro-, psycho- and cognitive journey, for example:

  • understanding your consumers’ behaviour
  • improving well-being at your company
  • providing scientific due diligence before an investment or collaboration
  • implementing building blocks of A.I.- or neuro- technology to your processes

To do that, we identify scientific or product advances coming from academia, start-ups, patents, etc. We help you connect with the right stakeholders from our expert network and coordinate proof of concept projects from conceptualisation (through our think-thank method) to realisation and PR. We are also keen on applying to grants and help you find grant technology partners.


As the majority of scientific research is funded by public money, it has become the scientists’ duty to disseminate their results. Our team is dedicated to find the right format for that e.g.:

  • Physical and online conferences or meetups
  • Temporary or travelling public installations
  • Various social media platforms, contents, and campaigns

Effective science communication requires an active and systematic approach, the language and the medium of which must be fine-tuned to the specific audience. We help academics to develop effective dissemination strategies that can bridge the communication gap between you and your audience. If you are a national or international research grant holder and would like to increase your science outreach, contact us!


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